Beauty Brand SUGAR COSMETICS Launched A Quiz Game to Celebrate Its Ins Account Crosses 1 M Milestone
by volanews 2020-12-15
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On the beautiful Sunday afternoon of December 13th, beauty brand SUGAR Cosmetics crossed the 1 million milestone on Instagram making SUGAR the second Indian digital–first brand to join the 1 million clan on the platform .


SUGAR Cosmetics, one of the fastest growing D2C beauty brands in the country, was established in 2015 by Ms. Vineeta Singh & Mr. Kaushik Mukherjee, to enable women to explore, crack the code of and relish beauty products that are exclusively recommended for them by beauty connoisseurs and created for them to make them feel confident in their own skin.


Like for most businesses, the first two months of lockdown during the pandemic had been tough. However, with resilience, focus and corrective strategies, as soon as restrictions were eased, SUGAR Cosmetics not only saw a quick recovery uptick in sales but also experienced high level of digital customer engagement. From approx. 300k followers in 2019, the brand gained almost 700k followers in 2020 making it one of the fasting growing brands on Instagram. Prioritising value-based content strategy and learning closely about what their followers want to hear about, the brand has succeeded in making the page stimulating for any beauty enthusiast to follow. The brand churns out interesting content that not only creates a fun space but also educates followers about beauty and makeup.


Rejoicing on this achievement, Vineeta Singh, Co-founder & CEO at SUGAR Cosmetics said, “Five years ago when we launched the brand, I hadn’t even dreamt of achieving this milestone so early in our journey. Reaching the big M (what we like calling this milestone internally) is what happens when a power packed team meets our passionate customers! I would like to extend immense gratitude to our fiery customers & unstoppable team that stays focused on curating relatable and in-trend content, for the modern, bold empowered women who follow us.”


Speaking on this milestone, Resha Jain, Head of Content Marketing at SUGAR Cosmeticssaid, “When I started my journey with SUGAR Cosmetics least did I expect us to achieve this milestone in such a short span of time. We procured over 700k followers in a matter of 10-12 months which has been something that very few brands, let alone a premium beauty brand, has been able to achieve. We leverage the largest pool of influencers and nano influencers with whom our audience can connect with and share a sense of likeliness. We make sure that our audience can always take back something new from the content that we share and no query or doubt goes unanswered. For us, our customers are everything; they are the ones who decide on our success as a brand.”


SUGAR Cosmetics’ presence on other social media platforms has also been growing and evolving at a great pace. Their YouTube page has also had a huge growth spurt this year reaching 150K subscribers. Twitter on the other hand has also had a great engaging growth and stands strong at 10.9k. The brand’s strategies for each social media page, be it LinkedIn or Instagram, differ platform-wise which makes it compelling for the followers to engage with.


To celebrate this milestone, the brand curated a quiz to enable the followers to be a part of the celebration as well, are coming up with contests and also launching an Instagram filter.