Top 10 Chinese Unicorns in 2019: Tiktok's Parent Company ByteDance Ranks 2 with Value of $75 Billion
by ChinaDaily 2020-05-14
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source: ByteDance

China took second place in the world for its number of unicorn companies, according to, which quoted data from CB Insights in a report on Wednesday.

Unicorns reflect the vitality of a country's new economy, industry trends and national competitiveness, the Evergrande Research Institute said, adding the era for windfall financing from investors was over in 2019, due to the weakening recovery of the global economy.

Unicorns in China were born largely in association with internet giants and are crucial components of the giants' ecological system. Statistics showed about 50 percent of unicorns in China are more or less related to Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, JD and Meituan.

Let's take a look at the top 10 Chinese unicorns in 2019.

No 10 JD Logistics, Value: $13.4 billion

No 9 Bitmain, Value: $14.8 billion

No 8 WeBank, Value: $16.1 billion

No 7 JD Finance/JD Digits, Value: $20.5 billion

No 6 Kuaishou, Value: $28.6 billion

No 5 Cainiao Network Technology, Value: $29.8 billion

No 4, Value: $38 billion

No 3 DiDi Chuxing, Value: $51.6 billion

No 2 ByteDance, Value: $75 billion

No 1 Ant Financial, Value: $150 billion

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