XRHealth Receives $450,000 Grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority to Fight Covid-19
by CalcalisTech 2020-05-09
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source: XRHealth

XRHealth announced Wednesday that it received a $450,000 grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA) to fight Covid-19. XRHealth virtual reality therapy will provide hospitals in Israel with telehealth services to combat general health issues, mental health conditions, and the rehabilitation process linked to the coronavirus.

XRHealth was one of the 35 companies that were selected from 750 applicants to receive a grant from the IIA, the government’s investment arm. With the new grant, XRHealth will be bringing telehealth VR clinics and support groups similar to those launched in the U.S. in April to Israel, create customized apps for medical facilities, and integrate their solution into the Israeli healthcare system. Additionally, XRHealth will be deployed in government hospitals to support telehealth rehabilitation and mental health treatment, providing remote support that eliminates the need for patients to attend healthcare centers.

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