Chinese ride-hailing platform launches taxi service in Chile's capital
by Xinhuanet 2020-02-28
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Chinese ride-hailing platform Didi Chuxing on Thursday expanded its range of services in Chile by launching DiDi Taxi in the capital Santiago.

"We want to contribute to improved mobility in Chile through diverse options with accessible prices, better safety standards and all the technology of our platform," head of corporate affairs Felipe Simonsohn said in a release.

In Santiago, residents can now hail a regular taxi using the DiDi app, which offers passengers the option of paying in cash or with a credit card. The app additionally provides insurance coverage for both drivers and users.

The company had been in talks with taxi organizations and government officials for months before launching the service.

"We believe this is the right path to continue to improve mobility in our country's cities, by integrating the different means of transport for the benefit of users and entrepreneurs," said Simonsohn.

Nearly 5,000 taxis have joined the program, the company said.

Didi Chuxing began operating in Chile in June 2019.