IDC releases top 10 predictions for China cloud computing market in 2020
by cntechpost 2020-02-20
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source: cntechpost

IDC released "IDC FutureScape: Global Cloud Computing 2020 Prediction-China's Enlightenment", introducing ten global cloud computing 2020 predictions and China's inspiration, and proposed cloud computing technology in the next 5 years Suggestions for buyers to consider for the technological development route.

According to IDC, unlike the severe damage suffered by China's offline service industry in the new crown pneumonia epidemic, cloud computing is based on its natural remote service attributes. When facing this sudden epidemic, it has instead shown remote office, telemedicine, Demand for more application scenarios such as distance education.

Cloud computing is moving from the Internet to non-Internet, from traditional application upgrades to cloud native, and from influencing enterprise IT transformation to promoting comprehensive digital transformation of enterprises, which is profoundly affecting the production lifestyle of individuals, enterprises and the entire society.

The top 10 predictions of IDC China's cloud computing market in 2020 are as follows:

Prediction 1: distributed cloud

By 2021, more than 90% of China's enterprises will rely on a combination of on-premises / exclusive private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs.

Prediction 2: API Ecology

By 2023, 90% of new digital services will use composite cloud and internal API services to build composite applications; half of them will use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Prediction 3: Multi-Cloud Management

By 2022, 50% of enterprises will deploy unified VMs, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud management processes and tools to support multi-cloud management and governance across on-premises and public cloud deployments.

Prediction 4: Digital Procurement

By 2025, 50% of Chinese enterprise IT infrastructure spending will be allocated to public clouds, and a quarter of enterprise IT applications will run on public cloud services.

Prediction 5: Cloud Stack Extension

By 2024, 10% of intra-enterprise workloads will be supported by public cloud stacks located in customer data centers and edge locations outside of public cloud service provider data centers.

Prediction 6: Automating the Development Life Cycle

By 2022, 60% of China's top 500 companies will invest in the automation, orchestration, and development lifecycle management of cloud-native applications and platforms.

Prediction 7: Industrial application scale

By 2024, 55% of Chinese enterprises will reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise application customization by investing in SaaS applications and platforms for specific industries.

Prediction 8: Cloud Management Service Provider

By 2024, 50% of large Chinese companies will rely on the help of third-party service providers (SPs) in container, open source, and cloud-native application development.

Prediction 9: The Big Bang

By 2024, the amount of data driven by artificial intelligence automation, IoT and smart device demand will exceed 30ZB; 20% of businesses will use it to achieve real-time results.

Prediction 10: Super Agile App

By 2023, 50% of Chinese enterprise applications will be deployed in a containerized hybrid cloud/multi-cloud environment to provide an agile, seamless deployment and management experience.