noon cosies up to China
by wamda 2020-01-07
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There are a few areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where self-driving vehicles branded with the noon logo, slowly drive along a pre-determined path.

They were introduced by the UAE-based e-commerce platform late last year, a result of a partnership drawn up in July 2019 with Chinese tech company Neolix.

Essentially, they are vending machines on wheels, an attempt to close the last mile gap and get closer to the customer. Noon’s vehicles are stocked with low-cost goods including drinks, perfume and USB cables which users select through a keypad and pay for via credit card.

It is the first time that such technology has been used in the Middle East and demonstrates the strengthening of ties between noon and China.

In December 2019, noon’s chief executive officer (CEO) Faraz Khalid visited China to speak to investors and suppliers about the e-commerce market opportunities in the Middle East.