Xiaopeng's First Car Model Will Be Officially Launched on December 12
by Blake 2018-12-10
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Xiaopeng's first mass production model Xiaopeng G3 will be officially launched in Guangzhou on December 12, and the delivery will become available at the same time. The NEDC range of Xiaopeng G3 is 351/365km, and the constant speed range of 60km/h is 515/545km, fully meeting the commuting needs of two-charger cities in a week. In terms of sales and after-sales service system construction, Xiaopeng automobile adopts online e-commerce and offline direct-sales stores to simultaneously build the all-channel direct-sales mode, so as to achieve uniform price, consistent sales process and service standard and guarantee user experience. In order to solve the range anxiety of electric vehicle users, Xiaopeng automobile released the service plan of charging network, and effectively solved the range anxiety of electric vehicle users by building its own super charging station and cooperating with a third-party charging network. In the next three years, Xiaopeng automobile will sign a contract with 1,000 super charging stations, access 100,000 third-party charging piles, and open up a one-stop service of pile finding, charging, payment and settlement.