China’s Cultural Art IP Franchisor and Operator Alfilo Raised $16 Million in a Series A+ Round Funding Led by Sequoia China and Two Point O fund
by Carol 2019-10-14
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China’s cultural art IP franchisor and operator Alfilo raised $16 million in a series A+ round funding led by Sequoia China and Two Point O fund, and followed by Zephyr Capital from Holland. The investment will be used to further advance the access of global top cultural art IPs and accelerate the building of overseas teams.


Alfilo now has exclusive franchising and operation rights of world leading cultural art IPs of six top museums including the British Museum, (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and BBC Earth. Alfilo enjoys the exclusive rights of these IPs in the greater China region through the buyout of IP. It has the right to do recreation, the exclusive online and offline sales, and the right to import collection replicates