Africa’s Wi-Fi Growth In Full Force
by Biz Tech Africa 2019-06-20
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World Wi-Fi Day is celebrated every year on June 20th, signifying a day where governments, industries and consumers recognise the important role of Wi-Fi in socio-economic development. This special day celebrates the advances of Wi-Fi and how it enables affordable connectivity for the unconnected around the world.

According to Riaan Graham, sales director for Ruckus Networks (now part of CommScope via acquisition) sub-Saharan Africa: “Wi-Fi networks across commercial, government and communities, have continued to grow at a rapid pace across the continent. Both governments and network operators are realising with high-speed backhaul networks, it is a small marginal cost to add Wi-Fi access points at key points in the networks. As a result, Wi-Fi is currently connecting millions of people in Africa and represents one of the most expedient and cost-effective ways to increase both capacity and coverage. And it’s growth is in full force.”

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