Facebook’s NG_Hub Has Invested USD 400 K In Nigerian Startups
by WeeTracker 2019-05-24
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One year after establishing the NG_Hub in Lagos, Nigeria, the social media giant says that it has digitally trained over 50,000 small and mid-sized business, empowered more than 18,000 women and invested USD 400 K in 15 startups and students team through its Fb Start Accelerator Program.

In celebration of the first anniversary since the Zuckerberg-led firm opened a hub in Lagos, Facebook, in partnership with CcHub, met its own expectations. When plans were being made for the establishment of the NG_Hub last year, the firm that that is will train 50,000 youths in digital skills.

Per data culled from an official infographic, Facebook has trained more than 50,800 Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in digital skills across 20 Nigerian states.

(picture source: WeeTracker)