Cairo-based homemade food platform Mumm launches a chef subscription service
by MenaBytes 2019-05-24
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Mumm, a Cairo-based homemade food platform has launched an online chef subscription service that will allow users to have their meals cooked for the price of raw ingredients, the startup announced this week.

Backed by 500 Startups and A15, Mumm’s online marketplace has been selling homemade food to users for over three years. The food is cooked by women including refugees who work as cooking partners with Mumm, earning up to EGP 6,000 ($355) a month without leaving their home as Mumm takes care of the logistics.

Mumm has also raised additional investment from 500 Startups  as part of an on-going round, Mumm’s founder and CEO Waleed Abdelrahman revealed in a conversation with MENAbytes. The startup with this latest investment has now raised a total of $550,000 to date.

Fadi Antaki, CEO of A15 and one of Mumm’s early investors, commenting on the occasion, said, “This expansion is just the beginning. Mumm Prime is not only the first Chef subscription service in Egypt and the Middle East, it’s also an intuitive solution to a growing demand in the lives of modern¬day Egyptian working mothers that wouldn’t have been possible without the technology and economies of scale that the team has built the past years.”

The startup currently has over 200 active kitchens in Cairo.

(picture source: Digital Boom)