Huawei enabled all backup chips upon US sanction
by Grace 2019-05-17
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 On Wednesday, the White House and the Department of Commerce acted simultaneously as President Donald Trump signed executive orders against Huawei. The Department of Business has listed Huawei on its physical list of control, a de facto restriction on Huawei's sale and purchase in the United States. The action will forbid Huawei technologies to be sold on American markets, and may potentially prevent Huawei purchasing the critical semi-conductors from chip companies such as Qualcomm.

 The Global Times publicized an internal letter of He Tingbo, CEO of Huawei Hisilicon. In the letter, she wrote that Huawei has manufactured backup chips for the day upon which US chips and technologies are no longer available, and Huawei has to continue to serve its customers. To keep such promise, Huawei has enabled all its backup chips in the security cabinet. In the mail, it is written: "today, upon the choice of history, we enable all our manufactured backup chips." According to Hisilicon, the action is to ensure the strategic safety and continued supply of most products of the company.

(picture source: South China Morning Post)