IAM industry leader BambooCloud raised a hundred million yuan in a series B round
by Rebecca 2019-05-13
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IAM industry leader BambooCloud raised more than a hundred million yuan in a series B round, led jointly by Oriental Fortune Capital and Fortune VC.

BambooCloud has for years focused on the fields of IAM identity management and access control, owning independent and controllable domestic technologies. It has served numerous head customers from large central enterprises, national enterprises, finances, and political business.

The round of financing of BambooCloud is the single largest project in the IAM field by now in China. The fund will be continually used in the development of products on the internet, clouds, mobile ends, and offline, as well as the innovation of technologies, expansion of talent groups, expansion of businesses, construction of market channels, and the completion of technical support service cooperation guarantee system.

(picture source: xianjichina.com)