Dada-JD.COM Announced the Completion of Its Latest $500 Million Round of Financing From Walmart and JD.COM
by volaeditor 2018-09-27
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On August 9, officially announced that it has completed its latest round of $500 million financing from Walmart and JD.COM. The is a combination of Dada delivery and home delivery. Their main business is urban express service, which provides consumers with one-hour delivery service of fresh vegetables and fruits, daily provisions, medicine and health, flowers and cakes, personal cosmetics, etc. While providing the instant delivery service, dada also provides delivery service for a large number of partners such as Jingdong mall, 7Fresh and KungFu, etc. Both Walmart and JD.COM have deep coordination with on business strategy. The cooperation not only marks the full recognition of the results of its unbounded retail practice, but also marks the joint efforts of the three parties to explore unbounded retail. According to the data given by , Dada has now covered more than 400 major cities in China, serving more than 1.2 million merchants and more than 50 million individual users, with the peak of daily order reaching 10 million. JD.COM has also covered nearly 40 major cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with more than 50 million registered users, more than 20 million monthly active users and a daily peak of more than 1 million orders.